Kick-off Meeting of the IRP Coss&Vita

The research topic of the IRP is:

Generalized continua and their applications to engineering materials and structures

The mechanics of generalized continua has been for a long time confined to theoretical works. It has now become essential in many fields of mechanics from the homogenization of composites to the plasticity and fracture of materials.

Workshop on elastodynamics of microstructured media

The workshop is animated by the research group ELADYN of the IRP.

The activity of this research group is focused on the analysis, understanding and modelling of the dynamic and static mechanical behaviour of microstructured media. Configurations where the size of the perturbation approaches the characteristic size of the microstructure, or when the frequency increases, will be investigated. For practical applications, it is important to optimize the inner structure of those materials to control their macroscopic mechanical behaviour. To reduce the computational cost it is valuable to replace the initial heterogeneous geometry by an equivalent homogeneous continuum that preserves the salient aspects of the initial physics. An important issue is to find criteria for choosing the right generalized model, which will be a compromise between accuracy and complexity, most of all in terms of constitutive coefficients.


Giuseppe Rosi (MSME, Paris-Est Créteil)

Nicolas Auffray (MSME, Paris-Est Marne la Vallée)

Arthur Lebée (Navier, École des Ponts - Paris Tech)

Luca Placidi (Uninettuno University, Rome)


Waves and generalized continua


Biomaterials, characterization of biological tissues

Computational and numerical aspects

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